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For wine links and other information see my Languedoc Wines page.
Individual restaurant site links are included in my reviews.

Languedoc Information

The best site for visiting and staying in the Languedoc region is the English Languedoc Pages. I am not even going to begin to replicate the range and quality of links available there. There's also a forum for asking questions or making requests. Another good site that's starting to amass all sorts of useful information, including an extensive regional history section, is www.languedoc-france.info

WoW - What's on where in Hérault is bang up to date with everything going on plus has a critical list of restaurants with moderate prices and a strong ambiance (navigate to Places to Eat).

Places to stay?

Faugéres Villa is a house with outside space to rent in an historic Languedoc wine village. Inland, but an easy drive to the coast.

Finally, see my Aspiran site for views and articles about a typical Hérault wine village.